Unity and Peace Project

The definition of giving through invitation is brought to you from the Mayan Quiche peoples. They do not give to get, or as an act of charity. They give as an invitation. They have protected this rare, royal lineage of Criollo cacao from GMO modification and exploitation for over 3,000 years. They believe the world is now ready to say ‘YES’ to their invitation. Their only intention with this sacred plant is to invite all people around the world to remember their True nature as love. The Mayan Quiche peoples know that once we are united within, harmony with each other and the land will be restored.



What is this project?

The Legacy Cacao Unity and Peace Project was created with permission by the Mayan Chocolate Priestess to ensure all people could have access to this sacred ceremonial cacao and the opportunity to receive the invitation from the Mayans to shift and fortify your internal harmony.

Giving Redefined

If this experience has brought you more unity, peace, and love, we invite you to help us redefine giving by sponsoring the opportunity for someone else to experience a Legacy Cacao ceremony. 



Our ‘Why’

RECONNECT to ourselves so we are no longer divided by fear, guilt, doubt, or shame. 

RECONNECT to the wisdom of indigenous people, Earth herself, and the sacred plants all here to provide deep nourishment and support.  

RECONNECT to each other by building healthy community from personal responsibility, personal power, and the desire to truly BE an invitation to others.

Only when we are no longer divided against ourselves can humanity move from fear and hate to our True nature as love, experiencing our maximum individual and collective potential. Everything starts with a YES.
— Michelle Sinnette, Founder of Legacy Cacao