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To Global Legacy

From Mayan Legend…

Your purchase directly supports the Mayan descendants who made this possible. As a Fair Profit company, we ensure the majority of the profits remain in Guatemala. We found you the best cacao in the world and pay fair profit in honor, collaboration, and respect of the indigenous people blessing us with their royal legacy. 

The Legacy Cacao in your hands now completes the Legend. Allow this native plant medicine to open your heart, maximize your zone of genius, and nourish your body. Fueled daily by the most potent superfood on the planet, you will be creating your Soul Legacy from limitless possibility.

In the sacred mountains of Guatemala, there once was a couple who were warriors of love - the only warriors within their peaceful society. When outsiders brought their demise and their bodies fell to the earth, two intertwined plants emerged, embodying their spirit of love - cacao and vanilla. The people were instructed to protect this royal cacao until one day, it could be brought around the world to open the hearts of humanity, restoring unity and peace. 

Today, there is only one guardian of the original, ancient recipe. This Mayan Priestess has exclusively chosen Legacy Cacao for this sacred calling. It is our privilege to deliver this legacy of love in its purest form from seed to sip.


purity from potency

Ancient Origin Cacao

Legacy Cacao is the direct descendant of the original cacao trees from over 3,000 years ago. It has been protected in the remote mountains of Guatemala, preventing cross contamination from GMO crops. Only utilizing cacao from these rare, small groves leads to the highest purity and potency ceremonial grade, small batch cacao.

High Vibe Intentionality

To the Mayan people, LIFE IS CEREMONY. The crops are prayed over and the women are even trained by the Priestess to choose the thoughts held in their mind with great intentionality. This ensures only the highest vibration goes into the cacao while it is being handled. Once the master roaster delivers the cacao to the Priestess, the whole bean is ground by stones carved by the stone carver family. No one is allowed in the building when the priestess hand crafts each unique batch, as she is the only living priestess with the ancient recipe. She blends the cacao with the finest vanilla, Mayan spices, and panela. Each batch is made according to the Mayan calendar and is infused with specific energetic properties.

Wrapped in Love

The cacao is packaged in simple lined brown craft bags with no stickers or adhesive labels. It is wrapped in cloth bags lovingly handmade by Guatemalan women in traditional fabrics - each one as unique as our batches of cacao.

Our Values

  • UNITY within ourselves.

  • SOUL TRUTH guiding us everyday.



  • JOY

  • EXCELLENCE in everything we do.

  • LOVE


  • INTENTION infused in every action and decision.


Doing the right thing is easy.
1. If it’s not yours, ask permission.
2. Excellence deserves aligned compensation.
— Michelle Sinnette, Founder
Photo Credit: The Bigger Picture Pictures

Photo Credit: The Bigger Picture Pictures

What is Fair Profit?

Legacy Cacao is a Fair Profit company. This means we are committed to bringing you the best products in the world and paying fair profit in collaboration, respect and honor of the people blessing us with high quality, tradition-rich products.

Why not a non-profit?

“At Legacy Cacao, we believe every aspect of a company must be created with integrity and intention. When approached by the Mayan Chocolate Priestess of Guatemala to bring her cacao around the world, I knew it was not just a business. It was a Soul calling. 

The majority of the profit from Legacy Cacao remains in Guatemala with the Priestess, women farmers and artisans. I am frequently asked why I did not structure the company as a non-profit. Fair Profit is not about a hand out or a hand up. Fair Profit is simple. When you are privileged with a product that is the best in the world like Legacy Cacao, then the people who make it deserve the majority of the profit. This is a royal, legacy cacao that is over 3,000 years old. The people who have protected the land, this sacred plant, the farming and processing traditions are blessing us. The company structure had to reflect that.”