LOVE, Amplified

When you purchase a bag of Legacy Cacao, we pay it forward with a gifted bag to another special, magical, inspiring human.

This sacred plant medicine calls to those Souls who are ready. Ready to release what no longer serves them. Ready to step into pure, limitless freedom. Ready to embrace their Soul Purpose.


Giving Redefined

The definition of giving through invitation is brought to you from the Mayan Quiche peoples. They do not give to get, or as an act of charity. They give as an invitation. They have protected this rare, royal lineage of Criollo cacao from GMO modification and exploitation for over 3,000 years. They believe the world is now ready to say ‘YES’ to their invitation. Their only intention with this sacred plant is to invite all people around the world to remember their True nature as love. The Mayan Quiche peoples know that once we are united within, harmony with each other and the land will be restored.

Legacy Cacao has been given the honor and responsibility to be the bridge between this 3,000-year-old royal legacy and the Souls around the world who are ready to receive it.

Over our first year, we gifted hundreds of pounds of cacao to incredible people who were in their ‘YES.’ From endurance athletes to artists to healers to entrepreneurs to seemingly ‘random’ individuals who crossed our paths and energetically lit up as a match for this plant medicine. We are here in service - both to the Mayan people and their sacred plant, and to our Soul family all around the world. It’s truly an honor. Thank you!


Featured ARtist:

Gemma Danielle

“I have had the privilege of drinking many different kinds of ceremonial cacao over the years, and when Legacy Cacao came into my life, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It tasted different, and more importantly, it felt different. The most significant experiences are often brought to us in a fateful way, and I was led to Legacy through an opening of magical pathways that, looking back now, was obviously divine guidance. Being an intuitive, an artist, and a Reiki Master, I am extremely sensitive to energies, and the purity, power and intention of the energy in Legacy Cacao was undeniable. Every time I drink it, I am recalibrated, focused, cleansed, and more aligned than ever before. It brings me insights, visions, and focus with my work, directing me to my truth. If you are sensing there’s something calling you to Legacy Cacao, follow that call, for this is a very real and powerful medicine.”

- Gemma Danielle



About the Artist

Gemma Danielle is a self-taught artist and a master instructor of Usui Reiki, a lineage based Japanese healing technique. She has studied and practiced Reiki for over a decade, and uses her fine art as a medium for the Reiki energy to be shared with a wider audience. Seeking to understand the transcendental through nonobjective form and the ubiquitous languages of mathematics and physics, she studies the ancient meditation tool of the mandala as a revelatory symbol of cosmic truth. She affirms sacred geometry as an all-pervading axiom, as an object of veneration, and attempts to express the ineffable mystical experience of transpersonal consciousness. She silently repeats prayers, or mantras, with each line drawn in her intricate webs, and labors over the precise lines without the aide of a ruler.


NominatE Someone Special

We would love to hear from you if you know someone that would be a perfect match for receiving gifted Legacy Cacao. With this gift, you are saying to the universe “I want more of this (the recipient and their work) in the world.” It’s an energetic investment in someone and their Soul path. It’s an infusion of love, purpose and heart-centered support.



Our ‘Why’

RECONNECT to ourselves so we are no longer divided by fear, guilt, doubt, or shame. 

RECONNECT to the wisdom of indigenous people, Earth herself, and the sacred plants all here to provide deep nourishment and support.  

RECONNECT to each other by building healthy community from personal responsibility, personal power, and the desire to truly BE an invitation to others.

Only when we are no longer divided against ourselves can humanity move from fear and hate to our True nature as love, experiencing our maximum individual and collective potential. Everything starts with a YES.
— Michelle Sinnette, Founder of Legacy Cacao