3 Ways to Remain Heart-Centered and Expansive During the Holidays

woman laughing sitting along river with cup of cacao

1. Give yourself permission to set your own pace. Take some time to write out your perfect holiday schedule for the month. Compare it with what you already have planned or is expected of you. Is there a big discrepancy between the two schedules? If so, now is the time to give yourself permission. Are you ready to go all in and cancel everything that doesn’t match? It’s okay, breathe. Or perhaps you could start by choosing a few places you are willing to give yourself permission. Either way, it’s time to honor your own rhythm this year.

Saying no to invitations that don’t feel expansive is the most loving thing you can do. Consider a possibility of perfect alignment with your Soul’s purpose. Something not in your ‘highest and best’ (aka... in alignment for your Soul’s path) can’t be in alignment for the other person. If they are upset that you are choosing to stay aligned with your Truth, that means their love is conditional. Saying no frees you both up to return to unconditional love. Removing the old dynamic creates space that can allow you to shift into a mutually expansive relationship.

© Ian Stauffer via Unplash

© Ian Stauffer via Unplash

2. This holiday, let your heart speak. This December, commit to starting your day with at least five minutes of silence. This is perfect right after your cup of morning cacao. Sort your feelings from the facts. In doing so, you will no longer lose your power to emotional reactions.

In stillness lies the depth of our existence. Every question ever asked and every answer ever longed for is there. Silence is where we can move to observation. We can clearly see the feelings sink to the bottom - heavy with fear - and the Truth rise effortlessly to the surface - free from any false beliefs, family expectations, and self imposed limitations.


3. Discover playfulness through vulnerability. Now I know playful and vulnerability don’t normally get paired, but stay with me. There is a lot of science behind it. But the bottom line is that when we step out of our comfort zone, we break free of old dynamics. If your family is willing to do this together, a magical opportunity is opened. You will see, experience, and appreciate new aspects of yourself and each other.

This holiday season, commit to something way outside of your comfort zone simply for the experience of it. If you want to take it up a notch, challenge your family to choose something together. Honor the divine timing of everyone by not judging or taking it personal if someone says no. You can still honor a new tradition on your own. This year, our Legacy Cacao “framily” will be taking this leap of faith together (literally), paragliding off the cliffs in San Diego.

Photo by  Michael Liao  on  Unsplash

If our brain is working in support of our Soul, rather than our Soul working under the restraint of the brain, we will find ourselves in a state of sweet surrender. There, with your heart fully unguarded, a deep vulnerability can begin to grow that feels like home and safety. Soon you will find that you are unshakeable because the fear of the unknown transforms into limitless possibility.