Bringing the Heart Back into the Holidays


We are three days post-Thanksgiving, heading into a month of holiday celebrations and traditions. We felt you fill with love and gratitude. We felt you choose to be intentional. We felt you BE of service. How are you (really)? Is your light just as bright and your heart just as full? Did you continue the practice of gratitude?

We believe that together, we can return the holidays back to a celebration of the heart. Let’s set intentions and choose daily practices that allow us continue to expand, rather than needing to recover come January 1. From our family to yours, we wish you a holiday season free from fear, shoulds, and have to’s; freedom from dynamics that no longer serve; freedom from any part of you that may be living a dual life. We wish you a holiday season filled with great depth, connection, purpose, personal unity and light.

For many of us, especially lightworkers, 2018 has been a year of immense Soul growth and change. In experiencing the discomfort of that friction, we were given the opportunity to come to completion with long-standing cycles that no longer served us. We chose heart over head. We chose impact over margins. We chose expansion over contraction. We chose freedom over fear.

Now is the time for courage. Shine your light brighter and stronger than ever before. BE the invitation to heart cracked open living in each and every moment - with your family, your friends, your community. Create the time each morning to connect to your Soul, remember your Truth, and feel the power of your Light. When your heart is guarded, your Truth is muffled. But when you can hear your heart louder than your brain, you can create and live your best life yet. As your gift to yourself and your loved ones, bring your full heart to this holiday season, free flowing with the pure LOVE of your infinite Soul.

At Legacy Cacao, we are honored to support your daily journey in remembering, reclaiming and radiating your True nature as LOVE. Thank you for being in your YES. We see you, love you and are oh-so-grateful to be on this journey together.

Leaving a Legacy of Love,

💜Legacy Cacao 💜

Northern Lights above Waterfall lit in Heart Shape