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Legacy Cacao is made is small, hand-crafted batches. Our chocolate is made according to the days of the Mayan Sacred Calendar (also called Cholq’ij or Tzolkin). The Mayan Priestess leading production in Guatemala does a ceremony and offering while mixing each batch based on the Mayan energy of that day, infusing it with massive vibrations of love, compassion, service, abundance, and purpose. This sacred blessing results in each batch having its own unique power and magic. Our ancestral whole-bean method of processing the beans allows our cacao to develop the subtle nuances in flavor and nutrition that make it a nutrient-rich, immunity-enhancing, high-vibe health tonic. Pure synergistic Plant Magic!

Just as we do in our own home each morning, trust that each batch you choose or receive in your order is the one that will serve you to the highest and best. Not only is the production done with great intentionality and ceremony, but each order we ship out is packed with love and energetic intention as well. We are honored to share this royal plant medicine with you.

Directions: Look for the stamp on your brown bag of cacao. Match the symbol and name to the Nawales on this chart. Open your mind and heart up to receiving full energetic support in these areas while preparing and drinking your cacao. This invitation will amplify the healing effects and bring your own intention into alignment as well.

Graphic Design Credit: The Bigger Picture Pictures

Graphic Design Credit: The Bigger Picture Pictures

For additional information on the Mayan Calendar and the Nawales, visit our friend Mark Elemy’s site The Four Pillars.